CO2 reductions from gasoline engines

Powertrain 27 April, 2022
To reduce CO2 emissions, it is necessary to increase the fuel economy. This implies extracting the kinetic energy from the combustion energy with minimum losses.

Using a leaner air-fuel ratio is recommended, this will result in the reduction of unburnt fuel left behind. Increasing Compression ratio, increasing compression ratio increases the efficiency of the combustion process. If the mixture is more compressed, the temperatures will be higher, even before the spark and the combustion will be more complete, decreasing CO emissions.

Proper engine tuning is also an important step. The Engine relies on a lot of different systems to operate, including fuel injection, timing, transmission, and other important functions. Engine tuning allows you to fine-tune those processes to get a much cleaner burn. Downsizing of transmission, by reducing the weight of the transmission, reduces the load on the engine thereby reducing unburnt hydrocarbon emissions.

Friction losses can be reduced by replacing the sliding components with bearings where ever possible.By using biofuels (Ethanol) instead of fossil fuels, Ethanol and other biofuels are often touted for their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels. Traditional biofuels like ethanol can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 19-48 percent compared with gasoline, while advanced or cellulosic biofuels can reduce emissions by more than 100 percent.

Super mileage prototype for the Shell Eco-Marathon

Drivetrain 05 August, 2023
At the forefront of engineering brilliance and innovation lies the Drivetrain Department of Team Eta, the driving force behind their super mileage prototype for the Shell Eco-Marathon. With a relentless focus on optimizing energy usage and maximizing efficiency, this dynamic team of engineers crafts a drivetrain that propels their vehicle to unparalleled levels of fuel economy.

In this blog, we delve into the extraordinary work of Team Eta's Drivetrain Department, a critical pillar of their quest for super mileage supremacy. In the high-stakes world of eco-marathons, the drivetrain serves as the backbone of the super mileage prototype.

Team Eta's Drivetrain Department meticulously designs and fine-tunes this critical system to minimize energy losses and extract every ounce of potential from the vehicle's power source. With a relentless pursuit of efficiency, they create a masterpiece that converts fuel into motion with astonishing precision. Efficiency is paramount, and Team Eta's drivetrain is a testament to this principle. Employing cutting-edge transmission systems, they ensure that power is seamlessly transmitted from the engine to the wheels with minimal energy wastage. The choice of transmission ratios and gear design is a carefully calculated balance between acceleration and maintaining a steady pace, all while optimizing fuel consumption.

Our vehicles look like cycles but they can take you from Mumbai to Pune in a litre of petrol

Bodyworks 03 August, 2023
Designing a vehicle body is an art. Art that involves mind of a designer and knowledge of an engineer. When I, a member of bodyworks team of eta, use the surfacing tool 100th time for my 1000th iteration of my design, I get the feeling of utmost contentment. But then I hope one day I will draw a fine beauty that will give me a drag coeff less than 0.05. It will be the day all my team mates will have to stay up all night stacking up mdf sheets, machine them, and then endlessly grind and polish them to bring my thoughts to reality.

From Jugaad to Yugant, our team has always been up to the mark when it came to manufacturing. Every layer of carefully arranged carbon fibre for each car tells the story of our designing brilliance and our industry level manufacturing techniques. It wasn’t easy for us to manufacture a monocoque vehicle in one go, but guess what…we did it!!!

This gives me a sense of assurity when I say my team will join the 500 kmpl group in near future.

Cutting-edge super mileage prototype cars

Vehicle Dynamics 28 July, 2023
Vehicle dynamics is the science of understanding and optimizing vehicles' performance, handling, and stability. It encompasses a wide range of principles, including vehicle motion, tire behavior, suspension design, and control systems. The Vehicle Dynamics Department at Team Eta is at the forefront of harnessing these principles to engineer cutting-edge super mileage prototype cars that deliver unmatched highest mileage, and safety.

The Vehicle Dynamics Department of Team Eta places steering at the forefront of its design philosophy, recognizing it as the conduit that connects the driver's intent to the car's performance. Meticulously tuning the steering system, they ensure that every turn of the wheel translates into a seamless dance between man and machine, allowing their drivers to navigate corners with unrivaled finesse and confidence. One of the key components in vehicle dynamics is the tire.

Team Eta's Vehicle Dynamics Department conducts extensive tire testing and analysis to understand the tire's behavior under various conditions. They meticulously study factors like grip, lateral forces, and tire wear to optimize tire selection for different road conditions. This attention to detail ensures that the prototype setup is perfectly tailored to extract the maximum potential from the chosen tires.

Forefront of transforming EV technology

Electronics 22 July, 2023
In the fast-evolving world of automotive engineering, one department at Team Eta is at the forefront of transforming EV technology: the Electronics Department. This visionary team of tech wizards is responsible for infusing every Team Eta Super mileage car with cutting-edge electronic systems that push the boundaries of performance, efficiency, and safety.

In the quest for maximum mileage, the motor controller takes center stage. Team Eta's brilliant minds have crafted a motor controller that optimizes power delivery, minimizes energy losses, and maximizes the vehicle's efficiency. The key lies in striking the perfect balance between performance and conservation, where every joule of energy is harnessed and deployed with precision.

Team Eta's motor controller is a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology, boasting advanced power management algorithms that ensure the electric motor operates at its peak efficiency throughout the marathon. These algorithms analyze real-time data from various sensors, adapting the power output based on the vehicle's speed, load, and terrain, thus providing the ideal amount of power needed for every moment.

self-driving cars

Autonomous 25 July, 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, one concept has captured the collective imagination and is poised to reshape our roads forever – self driving cars.

As the Autonomous department of Team ETA our vision is to create a technology where cars effortlessly glide through bustling city streets, guided by an intelligence that knows no human error. We specialize in crafting the autonomous urban concept vehicle – a marvel of engineering that blends sleek design with unmatched cognitive capabilities. It's not just about the vehicle; it's about orchestrating a symphony of technologies that bring it to life.

Our expertise delves deep into the intricacies of motion controls, localization, and the cornerstone of it all – path planning. We aim to built a car that can predict its next move with unparalleled accuracy, seamlessly navigating through the labyrinth of urban streets.

The highlight of our year is the Shell Eco Marathon where our team participates in competitions specifically designed for the autonomous domain. It involves various tasks like reaching the assigned destinations, tackling obstacles and simulating the cars as requires. Last but not the least this ETA website is an embodiment of our team's creativity wchich we continue to manage seamlessly.